Police Services in Alberta will require you to go through a challenging selection process.  The recruitment process will include a written test called the Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test or APCAT. You can also expect the go through the following recruitment stages, however be sure to check their website using the link above (links to the Calgary Police recruitment page) to see the latest information:

Stage 1 - Application Package

The application fee in Alberta is $107

Employment applications are screened to ensure completeness and that minimum qualifications have been met. If these requirements are met, the applicant may be scheduled to write the Police Applicant Tests.

Preliminary security and background checks will be completed on receipt of applications at the discretion of the Recruiting Unit. Applications may be rejected at this stage even though basic qualifications have been met.

Stage 2 - Written Testing

Those individuals who have submitted an application package meeting all minimum qualifications will be mailed a letter listing all upcoming testing dates. The applicant will be responsible for booking a testing date.

1. Alberta Police Cognitive Ability Test (APCAT)

Prior to the start of the exam, applicants are given 30 minutes to review material relevant to the memory recall portion of this exam. The applicant will then write the APCAT, which is a two hour and 15 minute multiple-choice exam designed to test the applicant's cognitive abilities. No pre-study material will be provided.

2. Written Communication Test (WCT)

The Written Communication Test is a reconstruction of a traffic collision scenario. The answer is written in narrative format.

Your performance will be scored in terms of the following criteria, all of which must be met:

3. Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT)

Effective June 15, 2005: All applicants will write the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT). The test will take approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes to complete (including instructions and break). It is designed to assess one's ability to communicate in writing. Using a multiple-choice format, the test covers three areas: (1) reading vocabulary; (2) spelling; and (3) English grammar.

Testing Results

Test results will be mailed to applicants within two weeks of the testing date. Successful applicants will be advised of the next step in the selection process.

Applicants who are unsuccessful in the APCAT or WCT will not be considered by the Alberta municipal police service for re-testing for three months from the date of testing. The WCT and APCAT are provincial tests utilized and shared by all Alberta municipal police services.

Stage 3 - Initial Interview

Applicants will be contacted by a File Manager to arrange a one-on-one interview. The purpose of this interview is to discuss in detail the Personal Disclosure Form as well as providing guidance and setting out expectations of the selection process.

The applicant will be advised immediately of the interview results.

Stage 4 - Panel Interview

Expect to see 3-4 sworn members from various units of the Police Service during your panel interview. The interview will be conducted in a Behaviour Descriptive Interview Format. Questions will be formed around the competencies desirable for police officers. There will also be a review of other information contained within your application package. The interview will last approximately one hour.

Preparation is a key to a successful interview. The applicant will be advised immediately of the interview results. Successful applicants will proceed in the selection process. Applicants who are unsuccessful at the interview stage will be ineligible to proceed in the selection process at this time. A letter will be provided outlining the ineligibility period. Suggestions for improvement may be provided to unsuccessful applicants.

Stage 5 - Polygraph Examination

A certified polygraph examiner approved by the Police Service will administer the pre-employment polygraph test. The examination is lengthy and those scheduled to test will be given specific instructions prior testing.

If an applicant has had a pre-employment polygraph within the last 12 months, the applicant must notify their file manager as they may not be required to test again.

Stage 6 - Psychological Testing

Each applicant is required to take a battery of psychological tests. A psychologist approved by the Police Service will evaluate completed psychological tests, which will assist in determining suitability for employment as a police officer. Results remain the property of the Police Service and will not be disclosed to the applicant.

Stage 7 - Security Background

A thorough security background investigation will be completed on applicants who have successful pre-employment polygraph examinations.

Applicants will also be asked to provide copies of transcripts from post-secondary education and copies of job performance evaluations.

Stage 8 - Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is comprised of senior officers of the Police Service. Applicant files are presented to the committee for review and consideration. Applicants do not attend this stage of selection. The committee selects the most suitable and best-qualified applicants. Applicants are advised by letter if they are successful or unsuccessful at this stage. Successful applicants will be considered for placement in future recruit classes.

A conditional offer of employment will be sent to each applicant selected for recruit class. Upon return of the signed offer, the applicant is booked for an occupational medical.

Stage 9 - Medical

A condition of employment with the Police Service is the successful completion of the occupational medical, conducted by the Occupational Health provider for your city.

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