Police Services in British Columbia will require you to go through a challenging selection process. The recruitment process will include a written test called the Justice Institute of British Columbia or JIBC test. You can also expect the go through the following recruitment stages, however be sure to check their website using the link above (links to the Vancouver Police selection process) to see the latest information:

Stage 1: Preliminary

There is no application fee in British Columbia

Applicants must attend an information session held at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. It is here a candidate can obtain an application to the Police Department.

Stage 2: Written Testing

The JIBC exam is based on grade 12 level English grammar, spelling, compositions, comprehension and mathematics. It also includes a section on memory and short essay responses. A minimum mark of 65% is required to pass. Applicants will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

Stage 3 - Physical Test

Applicants must run 2.4 kilometres (1.5 miles) in under 12 minutes and then must complete the Police Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT) in under 4 minutes and 15 seconds. A hand strength test and a weight carry test are also conducted.

Stage 4 - Interview

This stage entails a review of the applicant's personal disclosure questionnaire and personal history, with a focus on integrity, problem-solving abilities, respect for diversity, community service orientation, self-initiative and acceptance of responsibility. This detailed interview will include questions on each applicant's understanding of policing and why he or she has chosen policing as a career.

Stage 5 - Polygraph Examination

A certified polygraph examiner approved by the Police Service will administer the pre-employment polygraph test. The examination is lengthy and those scheduled to test will be given specific instructions prior testing.

Stage 6 - Assessment Centre

This is an employment interview conducted by a Sergeant trained and certified in the use of a polygraph instrument.

Stage 7 - Sergeant's Interview

The recruiting sergeant will review each applicant's file and interview applicants to evaluate their suitability to policing.

Stage 8 - Medical Exam

An exam will be conducted by a medical doctor. A visual acuity test is also performed. The cost of the medical exam is paid by the applicant.

Stage 9 - Background Investigation

A recruiting unit investigator conducts interviews with references to determine if an applicant's personal history, traits and characteristics are suitable for a career in policing. People contacted for these interviews include present and past employers and colleagues, family members, long-time friends, neighbours and landlords.

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