Police Services in Saskatchewan will require you to go through a challenging selection process. The recruitment process will include a written test called the SIGMA. You can also expect the go through the following recruitment stages, however be sure to check their website using the link above to see the latest information:

Stage 1: Application Form

Interested candidates will need to fill out an application form and submit the completed form to a local police department. If your application is accepted, an invitation letter will be sent to you containing a date which your attendance must be confirmed by, failure to respond will result in disqualification from that competition.

Stage 2: Written Testing

There is a $25.00 administrative fee to write the SIGMA. Failure at this stage will eliminate you from the competition. A rewrite is available after 60 days. An applicant will only be allowed two attempts to pass the SIGMA exam.

The SIGMA is a 75 question exam which must be answered in 35 minutes. It is a general knowledge exam which tests your ability in such areas as spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, and problem solving.

Stage 3 - Ethics & Integrity Questionnaire

This questionnaire covers all aspects of your life. Full disclosure must be made during this stage, any discrepancy between this document and the following polygraph examination may result in a lifetime deferral from the recruitment process.

Stage 4 - Physical Test

SThe physical test used by Police Services in Saskatchewan is called the Peace Officers' Physical Abilities Test (POPAT). This is a job related physical ability test that is designed to simulate a critical incident where a police officer chases, controls, and apprehends a suspect. The standards for males and females are identical, using an eighty pound weight for the push-pull exercise and a one hundred pound weight for the bag carry. The time allotted to successfully complete this evaluation is four minutes/ forty five seconds or less. Failure at this stage will eliminate you from the competition.

Stage 5 - Interview

As the first of two interviews in the selection process, this interview is approximately 2 hours in length and is structured to make it fair to all applicants. The interview is conducted in an office setting and is usually conducted by ranking members of the recruiting unit. The interview provides the applicant an opportunity to convince a panel they are qualified for the position, as well as a good "organizational fit".

Applicants should not underestimate the preparation necessary for this interview. The selection process is extremely competitive for the limited number of positions available. Failure at this stage may result in being eliminated from the competition. If not successful at the interview, an applicant may be deferred to a future competition or terminated from future competitions.

Stage 6 - Psychological

A psychologist approved by the Police Service will evaluate completed psychological tests. Results remain the property of the Police Service and will not be disclosed to the applicant.

Stage7 - Polygraph

A certified Polygraph Examiner employed by the Police Service will administer the Polygraph test. The examination is lengthy and those scheduled will be given specific instructions prior to the test. Test results are confidential. Failure at this stage will result in elimination from the competition. An applicant may be deferred to a future competition or terminated from future competitions.

Stage 8 - Background

A thorough background investigation will be completed on applicants who are proceeding on from the Polygraph stage. This will include, but not be limited to the following: Employment and character reference check, Credit check, Security clearance check, Police Information Systems Check.

Stage 9 - Panel Interview

This interview is approximately one hour long. It is a formal interview with the Chief of Police or the Deputy Chief of Police, a senior officer, and a frontline worker. It is a structured style interview and applicants will be scored on their answers, their demeanor, and professionalism. Each applicant is asked the same questions to ensure fairness to all. The Selection Board will have the final say as to whether applicants move forward.

Stage 10 -Medical

Candidates that have passed the above stages will be sent for a medial examination.

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