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Security Guard and Private Investigator Testing

The Security Guard and Private Investigator licensing test is a 60 question, multiple choice format written test. You should allow 2 hours for the entire test sitting although the time allotted for completing the test is a maximum of 75 minutes.

The Security Guard Test Covers the following areas:
  1. Introduction to the Security Industry
  2. Private Security Ministry Code of Conduct
  3. Basic Security Procedures
  4. Report Writing
  5. Health & Safety
  6. Emergency Response Preparation
  7. Canadian Legal System
  8. Legal Authorities
  9. Effective Communications
  10. Sensitivity Training
  11. Use of Force Theory
  12. Emergency First Aid

The Private Investigator Test Covers the following areas:
  1. Introduction to the Private Investigation Industry
  2. The Private Security and Investigative Services Act
  3. Provincial and Federal Statutes
  4. Criminal and Civil Law
  5. Investigative Techniques
  6. Principles of Ethical Reasoning/Decision-making
  7. Key Principles of Communication and Interaction
  8. Self-Management Skills

Tests & Requirements

For more information on what you are expected to know in each of these areas, click on the Requreiments folder. When you feel comfortable with the requirements you can access the practice exams through the Tests folder below.

Registering for the Test

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