OACP Mental Ability Assessment Police Test

Designed for the New OACP Certificate Process
Practice the OACP General Mental Ability Assessment (GMAA) Police Test before you write it! Our online Police training program is designed to prepare you to score in the top percentiles of the new Ontario Association Chiefs of Police Constable Selection System recruitment test. The Mental Ability Assessment test replaces the PATI test that was administered by ATS.

What's on the GMAA?

The General Mental Ability Assessment is a test that consists of two components, a verbal subtest and a quantitative subtest, designed to measure your general mental ability.
PAF Test Verbal English Language Quesitons
VERBAL: The verbal section measures your understanding of words and ideas. This test will specifically focus on items relating to your accumulated knowledge of diverse topics, the number of words or verbal concepts that you have learned, and the ability to recognize conceptual similarities among common English verbal objects.
PAF Test Quantitative Problem Solving Questions
QUANTITATIVE: The quantitative section measures your logical reasoning and problem solving abilities. This test will specifically focus on your ability to generate solutions to various numerical problems. These problem solving questions will require you to focus on the pertinent mathematical elements and to use them to arrive at a correct answer quickly.

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  • 10 practice OACP General Mental Ability Assessment Quantitative Tests.
  • 10 practice OACP General Mental Ability Assessment Verbal Tests.
  • 55 practice math tests (addition, algebra, fractions, averages, percentages, etc.).
  • 30 practice written communication tests.
  • 6 practice exams designed for the original PATI test.
  • 5 practice exams designed for the Peel Region Police Service.
  • 5 practice exams designed for the GATB.
  • Complete scoring, answer keys, and detailed solution explanations.
  • Full access to all teaching material (math, grammar, spatial, etc.).
  • Full access to all preparation material (resume, interview, fitness).
  • Access for 1 year - Do the tests as often as you like!
  • Full Money Back Guarantee! (see conditions)
  • Bonus Offer: free access to RCMP, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta tests.

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